Give in to the universe. 

I realised around the age of 17 that all my stress and anxiety stemmed from one thing. Trying to control my life and everything that may influence its direction. And through doing this I was literally getting nowhere because I was using all my energy on the wrong things. 

When I finally stepped back and just let “it” happen my life started progessing in the way I wanted. And more importantly I wasnt damaging my health. 

I feared not having control would ruin me, but it’s only lead to inner growth and a better understanding of   my world around me. 

What I’m saying is.  Know what your goal is and the universe will guide you just trust in it.


One foot on the ground,  one out the window

I lost my job.  In the sense that it was shut down (another story maybe). And I had about five minutes to panic before a person I used to work with offered me a job.  

Im not the type of person to get emotional, but we hadnt spoken in weeks and it made me well up just a tad to know they thought about me and wanted to help. 

That information has changed me, i now believe there are still genuine and caring people in the world… Go team!